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If you're an Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, or Influencer,

I have something very special to share with you:

If you're an Influencer, Online Entrepreneur, or Thought Leader,

I have something very special for you:

FREE E-Book Download: 7 Simple Steps to a 7 Figure Business


You've landed here for one of two reasons:

  1. You're a MUSICIAN looking for a proven process to consistently get your music placed into TV Shows and Films. If that describes you, please visit me over at Elite Music Coaching.  
  2. You're an ENTREPRENEUR looking to build, or scale, your digital business.  In that case, you're in the right place!

In 2018 I took 15 years of experience as a full-time musician, and created an online program to help other musicians.  In just a matter of months, this little "side-hustle" took off like a rocket... all without running costly ads, or consuming my time.  We grew to over 7 figures in under two years... I've since grown another business into 7 figures.  Naturally, others wanted to learn my strategies. 

I love coaching creative entrepreneurs, and helping them build, and quickly scale, their online businesses.  By implementing proven systems and strategies, we can fast-track our successes, and many of my students have reached six figures in less than a year!

The global demand for online learning is increasing at an astronomical pace!  By 2026, online learning is predicted to be a $375 billion industry.  There is no faster way for you to secure both Personal Freedom and Financial Freedom outside of sharing your life's experience with others who are eager to learn from you!

YES! I'm Ready to Get Started!

FREE E-BOOK: 7 Simple Steps to a 7 Figure Business!

Have you've ever dreamed of creating a business that allows you the freedom to design your life so you can do the things you love, and spend more time with friends & family?  That requires a consistent stream of income.

In this free ebook, you're going to learn how to build a 7 figure online business that dramatically transforms your life, and allows you to earn passive income while you sleep!

Here's what Previous Clients and Students have to say:


Kristy Davis

"When I decided that I wanted to start an online business, I didn’t know anything about what tools I’d need, what programs were available to help, or how to even structure an online business.

After going through Michael’s program, I knew everything I needed to know, and felt confident in actually starting my online business. 

I've been going for 12 months now, and I'm super excited about where my business is headed!"

Tim Charron

"Michael is a Godsend. He not only expertly guided me through online business creation, he also has a knack for stripping away all the scary parts, and breaking everything down to simple little baby steps. 

He is an online business Rockstar, and will show you the way!"

Benny Ng

"Building my online course was so overwhelming… until I met Michael.  He showed me all the steps I needed to take to get my business launched, and within just 2 months I hit my first $1000 milestone!  

I had so many epiphanies, avoided many mistakes, and saved a lot of time by working with him.

Now, I’m really excited about my future and taking my business to another level, all of which would not have been possible without Michael’s help."